Where to Find Your Favourite UK Foods in Barcelona

First Boots stopped their international shipping service. Then Topshop closed their Barcelona branch. I’m almost certain Brexit is to blame for all this, but at least I can still buy a lot of my favourite UK foods here in Barcelona.

And when I saw my friend Laurie’s eyes light up after I told her about the magical shop selling Marmite and Branston Pickle, I knew I had to share my discoveries.

So, whether you have a craving for some beans on toast or it’s one of those days when only Cadbury chocolate will do, here’s where to find your favourite UK foods in Barcelona.

favourite uk foods


The holy grail of classic British foods, it’s possible to find Marmite in Barcelona if you know where to look. Although Carrefour on La Rambla has the 215g jar for 3.55€, it’s often cheaper to search in small independent supermarkets for your Marmite fix.

The best place I’ve found it is Dong Fang, an Asian supermarket on Carrer Balmes, where it’s 2.85€ for a 125g jar or 5.35€ for a 250g jar.

Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce

Spaniards must like the taste of Worcestershire Sauce as it’s readily available in Mercadona supermarkets, priced at 2.70€ for a 150ml jar.

Branston Pickle

Although I was used to a regular supply of Marmite, I couldn’t believe it when I saw Branston Pickle, one of my favourite UK foods, on the shelves. You can find it in the Dong Fang Asian supermarket on Carrer Balmes, where it’s 2.50€ for a 310g jar.

My discovery was also well-timed as my husband Gastón and I had just come back from the UK. When we were there, he tried a Ploughman’s lunch for the first time, so he was happy to be able to enjoy cheese and pickle sandwiches back in Barcelona. And, while no one here likes the taste of Marmite, Branston Pickle has been very popular among our non-British friends and family.

HP Brown Sauce

I’m not a fan of HP Brown Sauce, but for those of you who are, I’ve seen it in Barcelona’s two main Carrefour supermarkets. The Glòries branch of Carrefour sells the 255g bottle for 2.45€ and it’s 2.65€ on La Rambla.

HEINZ Baked Beans

Unlike my friend Suzie who lives in Paris, where Heinz Baked Beans are hard to come by, I can easily get hold of one of my favourite UK foods here in Barcelona. The cheapest place I’ve found Heinz Baked Beans is Mercadona, where a 415g tin is 88 cents.

HEINZ Tomato Soup

Spanish supermarkets stock a variety of different soups, but tomato soup isn’t typical here. Thankfully you can get a 400g tin of Heinz Tomato Soup in Carrefour on La Rambla for 1.42€.

Cheddar Cheese

Although I do like Manchego cheese, you can’t beat a block of mature Cheddar. I buy my Cheddar cheese from Mercadona, where it’s 2.60€ for 300g, or from Lidl where it’s 3.29€ for 400g.

Fresh Milk

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand UHT milk, so I’ve always bought fresh milk here in Spain, although it’s a lot harder to find in Barcelona than in the UK.

While Lidl and Carrefour do both sell fresh milk, neither of them stocks the skimmed variety.

I always buy my fresh skimmed milk from Mercadona where it’s 78 cents for a litre. And if you’re not sure about which milk is which, the pink cartons are skimmed milk, the green are semi-skimmed and whole milk comes in blue cartons.

favourite UK foods

PG Tips Teabags

Although you can get PG Tips teabags from Mercadona, and other supermarkets, the cheapest place I’ve seen them is the Glòries branch of Carrefour. A box of 80 teabags is 2.98€, and they also sell a 40-teabag box of PG Tips decaf for 2.95€.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

For those times when Milka chocolate won’t cut it, you can buy Cadbury Dairy Milk in Carrefour on La Rambla. Here they stock a 110g slab for 2.75€ and a 200g slab for 4.30€.

Bird’s Custard Powder

For a quick and warming winter dessert, you can get a 300g tub of Bird’s Custard Powder in the Dong Fang Asian supermarket on Carrer Balmes for 1.75€.

Peanut Butter

Lidl and Mercadona used to stock peanut butter but both supermarkets have since stopped selling it. However, the Glòries branch of Carrefour always has a regular supply of both crunchy and smooth peanut butter, where it’s 3.70€ for a 500g jar.

Carrefour on La Rambla only stocks the smooth variety but in this branch it’s 4.45€ for the same 500g jar.

HEMA also sells a 350g jar of smooth peanut butter for 2€. You can find HEMA on Carrer Portaferrissa and in the Glòries shopping centre.

Salt & Vinegar Crisps

If Walkers get their way, both salt and vinegar crisps and another of my favourite UK foods, prawn cocktail crisps, could be discontinued.

In the meantime, you can get a 170g bag of Salt and Vinegar Lays for 1.28€ in the Glòries branch of Carrefour. Carrefour on La Rambla also sells them, but here they’ll set you back 2.25€.


Roast parsnips are one of my favourite UK foods. But this vegetable, called ‘chirivía’ in Spanish, isn’t very typical in Spain.

That said, Mercadona does sell parsnips as part of a prepackaged stew pack of vegetables for around 1€. The pack contains turnips, carrots and leeks, but only includes one or two parsnips.

If you want a bigger supply then you might get lucky in your local greengrocer’s shop. Or, you could head to La Boqueria, where some stalls stock parsnips.

Your Favourite UK Foods in Barcelona

As you can see from the list, it’s possible to find a good selection of British foods in Barcelona if you know where to look. Now all I need is for somewhere to start selling Jammie Dodgers and I won’t need to bring them back in my suitcase anymore!

I hope that I’ve included some of your favourite UK foods in my list, but let me know if there are other foods you’ve been looking for. And, if you have discovered any other UK favourites in Barcelona then please share below!

*Disclaimer: All prices were correct at the time of publication


  1. Theresa

    It really makes a difference to me finding foods like this here, it feels more like home if I have some of this stuff in. Have you seen tomato ketchup crisps anywhere in Barcelona, they are my faves.

    1. Laura Artaza

      Hi Theresa, thanks for your comment! I haven’t seen tomato ketchup crisps here unfortunately, the only typical UK flavours I’ve seen in BCN are salt and vinegar and also cheese and onion, and both are available in Carrefour on La Rambla.

  2. Ramis

    I’m sure you guys are aware of A Taste of Home on Calle Floridablanca. They stock British products, can even find clotted cream 😀

    1. Laura Artaza

      Hi Ramis, Thanks for your comment! I have heard of this place but after reading reviews about the high prices and out of date products I decided not to include it

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