Welcome to Contentas, a Barcelona-based travel and lifestyle blog, where I share my experiences, travel diaries, and a selection of my favourite places in Barcelona and beyond.

In 2011, I left the UK to live in Thailand and teach English. I had always wanted to live abroad, and when I saw that it wasn’t as hard as I had expected, I made the decision to leave the UK for good.

In January 2012 I moved to Barcelona, a city I’d never been to, with the intention of staying for around a year and then moving on. But then I fell in love, first with Barcelona and then with Gastón, and we got married in June 2017.

The idea for Contentas came about as a way to write from my own perspective after years of creating content for company websites and online publications as a content writer. I wanted to share my experiences of living abroad, learning languages and embracing new cultures, as well as travel diaries and some of my favourite places in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

I’ll also be including stories and experiences from my friends around the world, creating a community of ‘contentas’, the plural form of ‘happy’ in Spanish.

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Happy reading!